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Rockford Community Band

The Rockford Community Band (RCB) is a great way to enjoy playing in the band once again.  If you need a musical outlet, this is the place!arvixe logo2

While good music is the goal, we also have fun and enjoy spending time with other fellow musicians.  If you are interested in joining the Rockford Community Band, membership is open to all instrumentalists with a minimum of high school experience.  If you haven’t played for awhile, that’s okay.  Some of our members dusted off their instruments after years of inactivity, and others have been playing most of their lives but enjoy the challenge of the music and camaraderie of this active community band.

We provide numerous free performances throughout the year.  The RCB is a regular participant in the “Bands On the Grand” Adult Community Band Festival, as well as Rockford’s “Start of Summer” Celebration.  We also perform an annual Christmas concert and play at retirement centers as well as for various community events.

If you are interested in joining the RCB or if you have more questions, you may contact Dr. Tiffany Engle at 616-554-7986.

Here is the band’s schedule for the rest of the 2014-2015 year:

Saturday, March 7 Bands on the Grand, Forest Hills Eastern 11:00am
Sunday, April 26 Spring Concert, Rockford High School 3:00pm
Sunday, June 7 Grand Rapids Festival of the Arts, Calder Plaza 3:00pm
Sunday, June 13 Rockford Start of Summer Celebration, Rotary Pavilion 12:00pm
Mondays Rehearsals every week 7-9:00pm

*Calendar subject to change. Members will be notified of any adjustments well in advance.

*We cannot meet at NRMS band room if Rockford Schools are closed; please consult local media sources for information should such circumstances arise.

The Rockford Community Concert Band

Rockford Community Concert Band History

Community instrumental ensembles have been in Rockford since 1994. This initial group featured a combination of winds, brass, percussion, and strings. Conducted by Joseph Bell for ten years, this ensemble performed a repertoire of popular tunes and light classical pieces at various venues throughout the Rockford area. In 2003, two separate instrumental ensembles were formed, resulting in the Concert Band and Orchestra. Retired school band director Nicholas Valenziano was appointed conductor of the Concert Band in 2005. With his leadership, the ensemble grew in size, all while maintaining the high musical standards established in its conception.

In January 2008, Tiffany Engle became the ensemble’s third conductor. Since her arrival, the Concert Band has continued to heighten its level of musicianship through the performance of more challenging literature. More importantly, the musical development of this ensemble has helped to develop a strong and enjoyable social community that also seeks to entertain audiences in surrounding communities. In essence, the Rockford Community Concert Band brings together instrumentalists from all walks of life who simply enjoy making music passionately and meaningfully.

Please visit our website at www.rockfordcommunityband.org.

Enjoy this piece played by the Rockford Community Concert Band
(“Folk Dances” by Dmitri Shostakovich, edited by H. Robert Reynolds and arranged by Richard L. Saucedo):