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Rockford “Voices of Hope” Choir presents World Premiere at ArtPrize

Composer Kayle Clements addresses the ArtPrize audience at Royce Auditorium following the world premiere of “Two Roads” by the Rockford “Voices of Hope” Choir on Saturday September 22, 2012.

Congratulations to composer Kayle Clements, conductor Renee Vande Wege and the Rockford “Voices of Hope” Choir for a moving world premiere performance of “Two Roads” at St. Cecelia’s Royce Auditorium as part of ArtPrize this afternoon. Listen to the official performance recording:

ARTPRIZE Voting Info

  • Vote Code: 53416
  • Title: Two Roads
  • Name: Kayle Clements, Renee Vande Wege and Rockford Community Choir


  1. Mindy Miner says:

    Congratulations to the “Voices of Hope” choir for a great performance of a Kayle Clements original piece at ArtPrize!

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